CMS Nordest - Via La Croce, 35 - 33074 Fontanafredda (PN)

CMS Nordest - Via La Croce, 35 - 33074 Fontanafredda (PN)

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+ 39 0434 781790


CMS transports and stores your ideas!

CMS transports and stores your ideas!

CMS transports and stores your ideas!

All-around solutions for isothermal walls

The thermal insulation of a truck box can make all the difference, especially in transporting goods that are sensitive to temperature variations and in getting fresh, well-preserved food to our tables.

Isothermal walls are the structural basis of the insulated truck box and bring significant benefits such as:

- Preservation of temperature and ensuring optimal conditions for transportation

- Reduction in energy costs

- Improved food safety

- Extension of the useful life of transported products

- Regulatory compliance

- Versatility of use

CMS has developed several ranges dedicated to isothermal wall processing with specially designed solutions.

Machines where dedicated worktables, high-torque operating units, best-in-class precision and repeatability, advanced dust collection systems, special and/or large tool handling options, and integrated and easy-to-use programming software work in synergy to always ensure the ultimate in quality and productivity.

The Evotech range for flatbed machining of isothermal walls.

The high-performance and configurable fixed-platen solution characterized by:

- Large worktable sizes up to 3.3m x 25m and beyond for versatile processing;

- Robust structures and heavy-duty lifting systems.

- Advanced cutting and cleaning functions with efficient vacuum systems.

- Innovative technologies, including “smart” devices and Industry 4.0 integration, to optimize production and ensure advanced digital services.

The Avant Caravan range for sandwich panel processing.

The through-feed solution designed to be easily integrated into automated lines. Also available in a GT version to process panels up to 3.5 m wide and as long as you need.

- Fully automatic loading, alignment and unloading

- MATRIX suction cup table 

- No need for martyr (expendable) panels

- Automatic suction cup table cleaning

- Instant set up of suction cup clamping table

- Wide range of operating units: 3-, 4- and 5-axis heads

The Tecnocut Smartline range with waterjet technology for machining insulation panels.

- Wide configuration of cutting heads: 3- and/or 5-axis heads, or with multi-heads with manual or automatic spacing;

- Process flexibility: available in pendulum mode to eliminate loading/unloading downtime on two work zones or in single area mode for processing large format sheets;

- Cutting performance: high speed and acceleration to ensure short cutting times while maintaining repeatable quality and accuracy over time;

- Available in work area versions up to 8000 mm in length.


From semi-trailer to van for “the last mile” CMS can help you better transport and store your ideas and products.

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