CMS Nordest - Via La Croce, 35 - 33074 Fontanafredda (PN)

CMS Nordest - Via La Croce, 35 - 33074 Fontanafredda (PN)

+ 39 0434 781790
+ 39 0434 781790


CMS Nordest srl Servizi globali per centri di lavoro CNC

CMS Nordest was born from the partnership with SCM group, in particular with CMS SPA, which produces 3 and 5 axis numerical control machines and systems for the processing of composite materials, carbon fiber, aluminum, light alloys, plastic, glass, stone and metal. An excellence for the aerospace industry, automotive and Formula 1, yachting and racing, wind turbine production, engineering, eyewear, construction, architecture, interior design, urban furniture, sculpture and many other sectors.

CMS Nordest represents the link with the business reality of the territory, mainly in the north-east of Italy.

It acts as a reference for all after-sales services and assistance.

Comprehensive assistance that will allow you to resume production quickly, in case of unforeseen events such as breakages and collisions or for the replacement of worn parts, maintenance, machine programming and much more.

The revision, maintenance and repair of electrospindles and other electromechanical equipment is carried out by our internal authorized workshop. We can also supply a whole range of accessories and spare parts that might be suitable for you.

CMS Nordest is also your contact for the sale of used and reconditioned machining centers, as well as for the evaluation of the take-back of your used machinery. This allows us to provide a complete retrofit service on your machines, to bring them back to optimal production conditions and extend their operational life cycle.

Another feather in the cap of CMS Nordest is the brand BCOMP which, to complete the network of services offered, deals with the supply of structural rigid foam materials for milling, polyurethane-based as well as epoxy. All the material you need to make your molds, models, prototypes, foundry models, mock-ups and much more.

In a sole interlocutor you can find different solutions to meet the needs of your company.


Global assistance

From after-sales, to extraordinary maintenance and maintenance contracts

Accuracy and quickness to meet every challenge

In an increasingly competitive market, choose the guarantee of CMS professionals

Guaranteed used and retrofit

Come and discover our offers on used and reconditioned CNC machines, or ask for an offer to renew your machining center.


The polyurethane and epoxy based structural rigid foams for making molds, models, foundry models, prototypes, etc. All in one partner. 

The Group

CMS Nordest srl is a partner of CMS SPA, a company of the SCM Group, which produces machines and systems for the processing of composite materials, carbon fiber, aluminum, light alloys, plastic, glass, stone and metal, which realize performance in terms of precision, rapidity of execution and reliability and meet the needs of customers operating in the most demanding sectors. CMS spa was founded in 1969 from an idea of Pietro Aceti; the purpose, to propose customized and advanced solutions, based on the deep understanding of the customer's process.

Il gruppo

CMS is synonymous with leadership in the aerospace, automotive and Formula 1, boating and competition, wind turbines, engineering, eyewear, construction, architecture and interior design, urban furniture, sculpture, art, earthmoving machines, caravans, buses, railway industry, visual communication, production bathtubs and more.

CMS Nordest was founded in 2022, after an experience of about twenty years, as a completion of the group to provide practical and widespread solutions, especially in the territory of North-Eastern Italy. The technical assistance, on site or remotely, the repair of electrospindles and the supply of spare parts and accessories are the flagship of this reality.

International services such as the sale of used and reconditioned machining centers and the supply of expanded materials for CNC machining complete the uniqueness of the structure itself.

Perché sceglierci?

Why choose us?

3 and 5 axis CNC specialists

For over fifty years’ experience in the field of 3 and 5 axis CNC machining centers. From construction to service and spare parts.

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